Its time for a motorcycle trip.  But how do you start?  How do you go about planning your first motorcycle trip?

First Motorcycle Trip

I recommend people go on a first trip with a small group – 3 or 4.  I would also look at being gone no more than 2-3 days.  Its just good to get out and see if this is even something you enjoy.

Side Note:  Most people only enjoy 300-400 miles a day.  Not as many as you might be able to cover in a car.

We you look to plan a first motorcycle trip – look for a destination.  This will give you a goal, then you can begin to fill in the gaps between.

I start by bringing up google maps – then adding my destination.  What I do next is look to see what other little stops may be in between.  This can be restaurants, state parks, specialty shops or most anything you are excited about.  The normal motorcycle fuel tank will get you 150-250 miles per tank.  But most people’s backsides are good for about 100 miles in the seat before they need a stretch.  So look for places about 100 miles apart.

Twisty Roads

I like to look for twisty roads in between the stops too.  A good road will sometimes cause a 15 mile detour – but they are usually worth the drive.  There will be times when you see a great road you missed in planning – turn.  See where it takes you.  Nothing is set in stone.


Some bikers like to camp – some want a hotel.  With a small number of bikers, unless you travel on a holiday, most places will have 2 rooms to spare.  So its up to you if you want to plan out the hotels prior to leaving.

I like to plan ahead – it gives me less stress and lets me not have to think about where I might find a bed.  If that doesn’t bother you – then roll on.  Many towns have great little hometown hotels – and they might be around the next bend.

Things to consider when choosing a hotel.

  • Hotel vs Motel – motels will usually have exit door to the parking lot.  This can be nice when you are bringing stuff in from the bike and keeping an eye on your two-wheeler.
  • Breakfast or no breakfast – I don’t look for places with free breakfast.  I like to get up early, move out and then take a mid-morning break for breakfast.  It lets you get some miles on before you stop for a mid-morning break.


Stop more often than you think.  Just get off the bike and stretch and don’t forget to take some pictures.  This is your first bike trip – enjoy it and save the memories.

Don’t forget to drink water – driving a motorcycle is different than a car.  You body is working, get that water in your body and allow it refresh you.

What to pack

When it comes to clothes – less is more.  Two pants, two shirts – should be good.  Even if you have to rinse things off in the shower, they will dry by morning.  Make sure you have the toiletries you need, it can stink to have to run to the store on your bike because you forgot something small.

I always try to pack a swimsuit too.  It feels good to soak in the pool for a bit at the end of a day of riding.  If the hotel has a hot tub – you’re in for the double bonus.

Moonshine Store - Moonshine, Illinois
This is one of our favorites places to stop. Its a place called the Moonshine Store in Moonshine, Illinois. Great people and great burgers. This was a day of rain riding to get there.


Just have fun.  Even if you can only ride 100 miles – enjoy it.  You have many more trips ahead of you.  This is just the first of many enjoyable rides.

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