Yea – not in the traditional sense…this is more of a virtual club, on Facebook.

I’d like to help bring together bikers who just like to ride motorcycles – it doesn’t matter what brand, it doesn’t matter what size of bike.  Just people who like to ride.

I first got into motorcycling in 2006.  I had never really had much of a motorcycle before – but it sounded like the thing to do.  In 2007, I took my first multi-day ride and have been hooked ever since.

Motorcycle Roads and Trips Group

Myself and some friends have been involved with some great groups on Facebook.  I was looking for a group which was a positive group of people who could give tips and tricks to others who have done great rides.  I just couldn’t find a good group that wasn’t bashing each other.

That is when I figured I would just start one.  So far – its small.  But we’re working on it and hope to have more join as we go along.

What do you talk about?

We talk about anything motorcycle related.  There are so many products, roads, trips – anything as it relates to helping out your fellow biker.

As the group grows – so will our knowledge we can share with people.

If you are a motorcycler or have a wish to become one – stop by, join and say hi.  We’d love to have you.


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